2011 Writing Goals

For my goals this year, I will have Year-Round Goals and then set Quarterly Goals. They are simple, yet important writing goals. I will be able to focus on completing each goal listed below.

2011 Year-Round Writing Goals

1) Write each day at least 1,500 words by hand or on the computer. 2) . . . → Read More: 2011 Writing Goals


Personal Review of 2010

As in any other New Year, I started with the thought of writing and paying off my debts. And each year I always realize life works against me.

The end of the last year blurred together since my tonsils were removed. Yet I purchased books to read on writing and organizing my . . . → Read More: Personal Review of 2010


Write Every Day To Complete First Draft

The most important and, at times, difficult stage for most writers to complete is writing the first draft. This stage must be done in order for you to complete your journey as a published author. You cannot move to the next stage unless you finish the first draft. The first step to complete . . . → Read More: Write Every Day To Complete First Draft


Novel Research: The Pitfalls of Excessive Research

Once your have an idea for a novel, the first thing most writers research some elements for their idea. The elements include character traits, setting, background, and many more more elements. The list can become endless. A new writer may become involve in an endless road of knowing all the details. However, . . . → Read More: Novel Research: The Pitfalls of Excessive Research


Character Names: Searching For The Winning Combo

You have an idea for novel. It looks like a winner. The next step…the main character’s name.

The name search is the first step in bonding with your character. It is a hard to connect when you can not name the character. How can you tell your character’s story with out one? . . . → Read More: Character Names: Searching For The Winning Combo


Stages of The Writing Process: My Business Plan to Becoming A Writer

After reading many books on writing, I’ve put together a plan on how to complete my goal of becoming full fledge writer. As with any plan, you must stick to it or you will fail. This is how harsh the path is to becoming a writer. Any one running a business will tell . . . → Read More: Stages of The Writing Process: My Business Plan to Becoming A Writer


Two Friends To a Writer

Every writer has two friends who will always help them on their journey. These two friends have been with us for as long as you can remember. The dictionary and the thesaurus. A writer is not far from them, and they are always there for a writer.

The dictionary and the thesaurus has . . . → Read More: Two Friends To a Writer


Word Choice

As a writer, I understand the importance of word choice. Searching for the right phase is time consuming. Yet once you find the right phase, nothing can describe the feeling of “This is it.” I’m a perfectionist by nature. Those feelings are my goal. Nothing else will do, and anything less, is not . . . → Read More: Word Choice


New deviantART Account

It’s been a while, but I’m back writing here. I’ve been writing on a new, new idea. So far, 10 pages!! I’m very excited. It’s slow going, since I’m writing by hand, but’s only been one week.

Onto my other creative outlet, a new account has been opened at deviantART. You can view . . . → Read More: New deviantART Account


Starting Over

After much debating, I have decided to start over my blog. I’m not heading in the direction I wanted when starting this blog. So I’ve changed my theme and deleted all old posts. I’m hoping to move in the right direction. I’ll be working on my novel and taking online classes on writing. . . . → Read More: Starting Over